About our group

This lab was set up in 2009, belonging to Research Center for Wide Gap Semiconductor of Peking University. Our group focuses on the growth mechanism and device applications of III-nitrides, such as solar cell, single photon source, resonant tunneling diodes, UV/IR dual bands detectors, deep-UV light source and so on. We have upgraded SVTA-MBE system in order to expand growth ability in the forefront of nitride materials research and set up an integrated MBE system with angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, which is propitious to explore new materials and devices. Visitors and undergraduate students are always welcome!



Our review article titled "III-nitrides based resonant tunneling diodes" has been published in the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. Read more here

Our paper titled "A GaN/AlN quantum cascade detector with a broad response from the mid-infrared (4.1 μm) to the visible (550 nm) spectral range" has been published in the Applied Physics Letters. Read more here


Our paper titled "Thermally annealed wafer-scale h-BN films grown on sapphire substrate by molecular beam epitaxy" has been published in the Applied Physics Letters. Read more here


Our paper titled "Individually resolved luminescence from closely stacked GaN/AlN quantum wells" has been published in the Photonics Research. Read more here


Our paper titled "Graphene‐Assisted Epitaxy of Nitrogen Lattice Polarity GaN Films on Non‐Polar Sapphire Substrates for Green Light Emitting Diodes" has been published in the Advanced Functional Materials. Read more here